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Die Ausstellung "Heavenly Light". Reshat Ameti

vom 23/03/2023 bis 11/04/2023.

With a focus on oil on canvas and mixed media, including paper, textile, natural materials, and a mixture of plastic mass, glue for wood, and more, Reshat explores the interplay between color, light, and emotion in his work.

Through his cycles of "Lyrical Geometry, "Well," and "From Tradition," Reshat delves into the rich cultural heritage of Western Macedonia, incorporating elements of ethno-culture such as national costumes and folk artifacts into his pieces. The use of symbolic, associative, and decorative motifs creates a unique fusion of abstract form and cultural identity, with color playing a central role in the composition and emotional impact of the work.

In the cycle "From Tradition," Reshat showcases his mastery of light as a material for plastic expression. With systematic patterns of triangles, circles, squares, and lines, the works radiate energy and dynamics, drawing the viewer into a magical, lyrical space that combines matter, spirituality, and drama.

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