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Solmaz Tohidloo

Solmaz Tohidloo was born in Tehran, Iran in 1975. She began her professional activity in 2007 with a solo exhibition at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tehran. Solmaz is one of the special artists of Seyhoun Art Gallery, one of the most famous galleries in Iran, and she is also an artist of Eclectic Gallery in London, whose works have been featured in many exhibitions. Solmaz has been present at all the most notable international art fairs and premier galleries represented in France, Germany, the UK, the USA, Lebanon, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Dubai. In some of her works she tries to revive Iranian identity and ancient art that was dying in modern times. Unlike the previous paintings, another series of paintings depicts the past, history and identity. The faces are not hidden behind the calligraphy, but you can see the story of lonely women. Myths, writings and motifs in these paintings are a way to preserve the past, however this idea would not be possible without the use of ancient history and culture. In her paintings, Solmaz uses original lines and symbols on women's faces and bodies. The collection of works she presents is the story of the woman who is the sole narrator of the story. Solmaz paintings are unique and it is worth taking a closer look at each work of art and finding out the meaning behind it and what the artist wanted to convey. 

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