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11-11-22 / 15-12-22

emmerich weissenberger 

Emmerich Weissenberger decided to investigate Maria Magdalena’s interiority and relationships. We can admire the closeness to Jesus that is never erotic but only intellectual. Nevertheless, other forms of relationship have been painted, for example in „Next Stop Jupiter“ the mean and homophobic society surrounds Maria Magdalena, dissatisfied and speechless is waiting to be left alone.

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doris schamp

Doris Schamp on the other hand, narrates through her works the women’s passions and their sexual life, even through strong and direct images. Some of her artworks are collages, made of white and black cutouts, the others are monochromatic reliefs. The viewer can access the women’s subconscious and understand their sensual memories and dreams.

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diana deu

Diana Deu's artworks are the result between beauty and different kinds of emotions such as pain, melancholia, and desire. In one of the many interesting portraits, named Maria Magdalena, we can admire the two sides of the coin: in the background, a blurred figure in pain is embracing a lamb, a symbol of purity and chastity – for many centuries the church mentioned Maria Magdalena as a sinner, only recently the image of the has been rehabilitated- and on the front, it is depicted a strong woman, who has lived through the history hiding the sadness of being called sinner, witch and prostitute. The artist used the mixed technique on canvas, combining particular fabrics and strong colour contrasts that give shine and light to her artworks.

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