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Mercedes Helnwein

Aktualisiert: 7. Dez. 2023

Mercedes Helnwein is an artist, writer and filmmaker.

She was born in 1979 in Vienna, Austria. Her father is Austro-Irish artist Gottfried Helnwein. Mercedes and her brothers, Cyril, Ali, and Wolfgang Amadeus, often modeled for their father's work as children, whose works often included nightmarish depictions of war and exploitation.

As children, Mercedes and her siblings were given the freedom to express themselves, and she developed a style distinctively hers.

She says , "Secrets of suburbia, the surface fakeness, have always been interesting to me"

Helnwein creates large-scale drawings, most of which are done with black pencil, colored pencils, or pastels.

Helnwein's art debuted in 2003, with her first group exhibition hosted in Downtown Los Angeles by actor Jason Lee.

Mercedes Helnwein contributed art to the 2006 Beck album, The Information.

In 2010, Damien Hirst acquired the entire work of Helnwein's "Whistling Past the Graveyard" show in London.

In 2004, her travelogue, "Devil Got Religion," covered the 15-day road trip with Alex Prager and Beth Riesgraf for their "America Motel" installation.

Her debut novel, The Potential Hazards of Hester Day, was released in February 2008 by Simon & Schuster.

The Stross Gallery is delighted to represent such a brilliant artist Mercedes Helnwein. Come and enjoy art!

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