Roberto del Rio wurde in Mexiko-Stadt geboren. Aus seinen früheren Straßensammlungen skizzierte und übersetzte er seine Gedanken in Farbe, wodurch er erkannte, dass sein wirkliches Interesse auf den kreativen und ästhetischen Aspekten lag. Als Autodidakt ist Robertos Arbeit expressionistisch. Der Künstler gründete ein Studio in Mexiko-Stadt und begann zu malen, ohne dass ein äußerer Einfluss seinen Stil beeinflusste. Er schloss die Tür hinter sich und perfektionierte seine Kunst und wie er die Welt betrachtete.ENGLISH:Roberto del Rio was born in Mexico City. From his earlier street collections, he sketched and translated his thoughts into color through which he realized that his real interest was focused on the creative and aesthetic aspects. Self-taught, Roberto’s work is expressionistic. Artist set up a studio in Mexico City and began to paint without letting any external influence affect his style. He shut the door behind him and perfected his art and how he looked at the world. Meaning: E8 a mathematical representation of the optimal solution to fix the sphere package problem, meaning by this that E8 lattice solves the densest way to pack a solid. A Picasso like figure sparking light to a merkaba symbolizing the origin of light ( and the actual form of the photon particle). On the lower left corner we can appreciate a dark hole representing dark matter and all the forbidden knowledge that has been kept from us for millennia. On the right side of the painting we can appreciate a cylindrical vortex tube representing a wormhole and how time can be bent by manipulating time. The woman grabbing the flashlight is 2 dimensionally stuck in a window but by shedding light to the photon particle, she Gaona knowledge which will lead to freedom and the completion of universal understanding.

E8 - Roberto del Rio

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